What am i doing?

I’m not going to overthink this. I’m just going to state facts. I have anxiety. I have depression. I’m not fantastic and writing, but i do enjoy it. It also helps with my mental health. I should probably apologise for the generic blog name. I’ve never done a blog before. I usually post my stuff on instagram. I don’t really expect anything from this other than it being somewhere where i can write what i feel. That, and for the people that find what i write interesting, informational, relatable or helpful to be able to read it. So here it goes i guess.


10 thoughts on “What am i doing?

      1. Your blog is definitely not boring! It’s nice to read about whatever you feel like sharing. You can have a unique perspective that is only yours to tell. 😊

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  1. Writing is also my escape. As a teacher it is amazing how full your head (my head) gets with information, replaying conversations, questioning myself if I offended a parent along the way, I wasn’t sure anyone was listening, and I was okay with that, because this was for me. But I’m loving your blog – and you do write well…you write naturally and it looks effortless (even though you probably question yourself before you write it). Keep doing it, you are doing amazing.

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    1. I find myself over questioning every little thing i do all the time. I hate the thought that ive upset someone. I like to think if i leave the house i do so to improve peoples lives, to impact the world in a positive way. I know i need to learn to not worry so much but in time that might come. Thankyou for your comment about my writing. I love writing. All through school it was the subject i most enjoyed. Its great finally having somewhere to share it. Everyone has been so positive towards me on here!

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