Unnecessary preperation – Necessary when surviving anxiety…

Examining all possibilities.
Studying the times.
Contemplating alternative routes.
Just incase.
Taking into account the snow.
Added worry.
What if my friends can’t make it?
What if I’m too late?
What if i can’t handle it?
Waiting around allows my anxiety to swallow me whole.
All the “what if’s” floating around.
Facing it alone.
Making a journey I’ve never made on my own before…


4 thoughts on “Unnecessary preperation – Necessary when surviving anxiety…

  1. This was so me today. I made plans to do something with people but then changed my mind because the event was going to be outdoors for 3 hours so I got worried about it being too cold for me. :/

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      1. Same! Even going to a place I’ve been to dozens of times, I get hypersensitive about if I forget something or what to pack as a snack or what to buy if I get hungry or if there is a point to going. Ugh, anxiety.

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      2. Yup. Exactly the same but mines usually what if i feel sick and i cant find a bathroom or what if something i havent planned for happens and i dont know how to act cos ive not preplanned or gone over it in my head. Like people talking to me that i havent prepared for. Or if theres a traffic jam or something im just done.. the worst is going out the house in the first place i have to recheck everything in my bag over and over. And i feel if i havent done something in my routine something bad will happen. And ill be waiting for it all day.


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