My final message to people who “don’t believe in anxiety”.

This is not something i planned on when i was younger. It’s not something I’d wish for anyone to have to contend with. It’s what i was dealt, and what i have to learn each day to live with. I’m not lazy. I’m the opposite. I have to work inconcievably hard just to appease my brain each day, so then i can concentrate on actually working hard on visable things.

I agree from the outside. I don’t appear to do much. I go shopping, visit my parents, go on walks with friends, sometimes take pictures, go to my meetings, go to group. I know from most people’s perspective i seem to have the easiest life. No worries, no pressure. It’s simply not true.

My life seems easy, probably because i can’t manage huge things. I couldn’t face working 9 hours a day. I couldn’t survive running a house. I would drown with these sort of responsibilies on top of those i already have to contend with.

If one person sees this, and it changes their perspective on me, or anyone else who has mental health problems… then good. This topic is something that really makes me feel terrible. The idea of people thinking I’m lazy, that my family have spoilt me, and that i just need a kick up the backside is awful, because that’s so far from the truth.

I work damn hard every day to function, even the small amount i do. I’ve come far, from being that 18 year old that couldn’t leave the house. I just wish people could see that. See that i do try every day.


14 thoughts on “My final message to people who “don’t believe in anxiety”.

  1. Hey Robyn, I think you are doing an amazing job! You are sharing your truest self here on the internet with others who are struggling as well and find so much hope and courage for their lives in your posts. To me, that’s simply a marvelous gift! Thank you for your incredible honestly and keep up the amazing work! ❤

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    1. Thankyou! This has made me feel so happy! It sounds abit arrogant to say i aim to help people. But i’ve got so much positive feedback from people telling me that my honestly makes them feel as though they arent alone. Not only that but its therapeutic for myself. Ive found a safe place to share how i feel. And get advice from truly kind hearted community. ❤

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  2. I soooo know what you mean! Anxiety can be crippling—there are many things I didn’t do because of anxiety. I’m thankful for all the progress I’ve made with the help of various mental health professionals and hard work of my own, because we really can change our brains, but it takes time. Meanwhile, know there are plenty of us out here who know the struggle is real! I know how all-encompassing the body and mind responses are. It’s no picnic having anxiety and/or depression (unless maybe it’s an Alfred Hitchcock picnic with diving birds or something!) Hang in there Robyn, and know that down the road things could be better—I know they have for me.

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    1. Thankyou! Im really glad things have improved for you. And thankyou for you reassurance! I’m working hard to work with my brain to form some form of healthy balance and routine in my life. Good luck with progressing even further by the way!

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      1. You’ll get there in time—sometimes underneath it all we are saying the same things to ourselves that those who judge say to us, and if we can be our own best friend in the journey it can help. I’ve had to work hard to be kind to myself like the people you talk about who take the time to understand.

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  3. It sounds as though you are doing a great job, because even just coping with anxiety is a massive massive thing to do! People who “don’t believe in anxiety” or mental illnesses in general confuse me … just because they haven’t had a particular experience doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist?! Anyway, thank-you so much for sharing your words; you are doing good 😊

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  4. Well said. I’m 44 and have been dealing with anxiety/depression since I was thirteen or so. It got really bad when I was in my early twenties. I’m glad the stigma is going away, but we still have a lot of work to do. Thanks for posting this. We got your back. : )

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    1. Im sorry to hear you have to deal with something so awful for that amount of time. But I’m glad it improved for you after it got really bad. I guess you kind of just intregrate it into your life and learn to cope. I know thats what i do anyway. And i agree. We have a long way to go!


  5. Thank you for reading from my blog. The message above isn’t for me so much, I guess, since I believe in anxiety. And depression. And that these matter. I’m glad you’re coping as you are. And I’m glad you’re writing. It’s coping; and when it isn’t, it’s helpful, anyway. And, shared, your writing is a boon to others. I have medication for anxiety and depression. I’m relieved they are available. Doesn’t mean that things aren’t hard. Normal, easy (so to say) things. You know. Thank you, again.

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    1. Youre more than welcome. Thankyou for reading mine:) its good that medication is available for those who want/need it. I’ve always struggled on medication personally. But I’m glad it works for you!


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