I need your help.

Hey fellow poetry writers! So i was thinking of posting a poem. It’s rather long, and I’m not even sure it’s complete. It’s rough around the edges. But yunno when you’re kind of happy with something and you’re worried that if you keep picking faults and editing it wont be the product that you first enjoyed so much.

So if you could read through and give me any advice. Other than the obvious.. it’s too long. I might actually break it into three parts so it’s less intense.

Anyways, if any of you have any advice/criticisms/improvements on it I’d be greatful if you comment below the poems. I don’t feel I’m that great at writing them, but i love doing so. I just want to improve as much as i can. So any tips you may have feel free to share them with me if you wish!


4 thoughts on “I need your help.

  1. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I for myself like to keep stuff how it came out in the first place… Hm, but perhaps that’s different with drawings? I think everyone’s got their own style. It’s going to be cool, I’m sure of it!

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  2. It helps me to think of the poem I’m writing as a song, that helps me find the rhythm the poem wants to take. Rhyming can also be internal, as in similar sounds within the lines of the piece. 🙂

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