Untitled poem – Part two.

Dragged into murky waters.
I’m welcomed into the devils quarters.
I slump to my knees.
Recall the memories.

I’ve beaten him before.
So i beg him for more.
“Bring me your worst.”
This isn’t a first.

The devil looks me up and down.
I’m a veteran in this town.
I pull myself to my feet.
I will not bow down to defeat.

I’m at peace with proceeding along this path.
And though the devil manically laughs.
I continue my journey through this damned place.
Though tears of sadness stain my face.

I know I’ll find daylight at the end, if i endure.
If i can only survive this night, persevere in this venture.
I challenge the devil once again.
You can’t torture a person who lives life in pain.

I fight demons daily.
To me it’s plain sailing.
So why lock me away.
Why make me stay.


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