Thought itself inspired me.

The struggle mentioned in my previous post may have just been solved, temporarily atleast. You see i love writing, i honestly do, so i stopped to think and realised again that nothing is original. It’s all just re-ordered words, notions rephrased slightly. The intention the same, just redecorated a little, renovated if you will. Brought into the times, modernised. I guess it could be concieved as interesting, since it means each person who recycles these thoughts, makes them they’re own. Puts their own individual mark upon them. A different twist, a change in perspective.

But thats when i realised, that’s it. Thats my post. Thought. It’s everywhere. Thoughts can be borrowed and improved, exchanged and expanded upon. They develop and evolve. A traveller experiencing the world. A thought progressing from person to person, picking up souvenirs along it’s journey. Each person that bears that thought, leaving their perception upon it as a parting gift. This thought it starts out small, and with love and attention, curiousity and devotion it transforms. It has the ability to see so much. Experience it all. From every persons view. This thought has an unabridged comprehension, a complete perspective, insights from all walks of life.

The thought prides itself on bringing people together. It’s a spark uniting unaware humans, compelling them to speak. Creating bonds, or even just a fleeting connection between two passers by. Two people sharing a brief encounter. That thought spreads, dispersing inspiration as it goes. Leaving in it’s wake this unified community, thriving with positive ideas. A bold and beautiful image. The beauty deepening and strengthening with each person that welcomes it. Embraces it, nurtures it and lets it free into the world once again.

A thought might not be original, but peoples imprints, effects and influences are. Individuals breathing creativety into this world. Revitalising each day with their brave and encouraging words. No matter the number of people they pass on this thought to, the significance doesn’t waver. It’s the intention and the will that counts. All these interpretations and views being traced back to the one original thought. It’s a masterpiece. A thing of sheer admiration. The paths it’s created, forging it’s own history and future. Mesmerising as both it’s simplicity and complexity, compliment each other perfectly.

All of this from a short glimpse of a single notion. Now this diverse network has formed. A work of art. For all to experience.

11 thoughts on “Thought itself inspired me.

  1. While i share much of this thought with you i have also come to realise that any thought we might have – even ‘unoriginal’ ones or ‘recycled’ ones can, and often do, offer us the opportunity to grow our awareness of the topic, to associate it with other or new thoughts in unusual and unfamiliar combinations, thus giving us new or widened perspectives on the topic in question.
    An ‘old thought’ can come back to us at a later time when we have grown our intellect or awareness such that it gives us a completely new insight we were not able to appreciate fully the first time around! πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for posting!
    And thanks for the visit and like πŸ™‚

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  2. I love how crystal clear the reflections are but i particularly love the fact that you can’t see the fence…. only it’s reflection – so cool! πŸ™‚

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      1. I’ve been spending a little time philosophising lately and came to the realisation that there is both the seen and unseen in all things! Your photo was a perfect example of this philosophy. You see something where it is not, while not seeing what is actually there. The Light by which we individually see a thing may not be the same light someone else sees it by. πŸ™‚

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      2. Thats an interesting philosophy! And it makes me smile that my photo can represent such a deep and meaningful thing. I like the idea that we all see things differently. I agree this fits well with my picture. Thankyou for enlightening me 😊

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      3. Enlightenment, i believe, comes from being able ( and willing) to see all things from as many different point of view as you can at the time, while still being able to fit them inside of your values. That requires us to grow.

        I hope to offer one different point of view for people to consider – bearing in mind i might not always understand things well myself and i am growing too. πŸ™‚

        Hope you have a great day today πŸ™‚

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