My truth on OCD

I wrote a post on facebook related to a post I saw about how people don’t tell you the whole story of OCD. I have heard stories of people being driven to the edge because of thoughts due to OCD but not knowing what was going on. I have been there. If you’ve been there, or are there too… You’re not alone. I just wanted to share this on here because it resonated with me and I just felt so happy. It’s a sad topic that so many people have to deal with this without diognoses suffering each day. Many people are happy with their years because they have families or are engaged or have a nice house or great job. Congratulations. I am happy for those people who achieved that. Rather than be envious I want to be happy for others and be happy for myself too. For me 2018 was the year I learnt I had OCD and my years and years of torment made sense. It’s the year I bested my panic attacks. It’s the year I caught a train alone. The year I thrived within my photography. I had another little sister and I spent time with her aswell as the rest of my family. The beginning of this year nothing seemed possible. It’s so so far from over. But however your 2018 went. You are still here. You fought another year. Don’t be down that others have had great years. In our own way we all have. We all work at our own pace. We all have our own goals and dreams. Focus on how hard you all have worked. I am proud of every single person who has dealt with this year and come out the other end. Christmas and new year can suck. But we are here. We have eachother. Here’s to 2019. When we understand our mental health more than before and we help ourselves, and others. I am here for anyone who doubts their worth. Have a safe and happy year. Fight on. Be brave. Just don’t give up. There’s so much out there to be discovered. Don’t close the book yet. Turn the page to live another adventure!

One thought on “My truth on OCD

  1. I’m so excited for you! Finding out what’s behind your thoughts and actions is such a wonderful gift! I’m really happy you have new information to help you make healthier choices. 🙂


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