Thoughts At The Trainstation.

A woman just come up to me and asked me how to use the ticket machine. I don’t know as I don’t actually use them. I either pay online or on the train. Anyway I helped her and told her the train times… Then I sat down and thought I help people without even a second thought, the reason why? I always think… if it’s a child lost, what if it was my little Brother. Someone hasn’t enough change for the bus, what if that was my Sister on the last bus home with not enough money and no other way home. Someone needs help figuring out a ticket machine, what if that was my Nan, no clue on how to use the machine and worked up because she’s in a busy place alone. I dunno if that’s a good reason to help people. I do believe you get back what you put out into the world. This isn’t a status to make me look good. More just an urge to others to put out as much good into the world as you can. I can pretty much say most of my friends, if not all do this anyway. I just don’t understand people that don’t work this way. I would do anything for anyone, sometimes that makes me a push over. I try to find the balance between helping, and putting myself and my mental wellbeing at risk. Usually the people that ask me for help don’t expect more than I can give though. I am thankful for that. I am grateful I have been brought up to be considerate of others, and considerate of the world.

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